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Contec Pulse Oximeter Cms50d

Looking for a bluetooth oximeter that is a perfect fit for your business? look no further than the contec pulse oximeter cms50d-bt. This oximeter is perfect for busy businesses that need to measure spilt blood or body weight, and offers great features like bluetooth streaming and a sos signal. Plus, the latest oximeter technology makes it easy to trackthink blood pressure, heart rate and more, so you can stay ahead of the health of your team.

Cms50d Pulse Oximeter

The cmi 50d is a new pulse oximeter that has very low cost of ownership andrinvision it as a research tool. The oximeter can be used for health checkups and health quality assurance purposes. the cmi 50d has the following features: 1) easy to use, especially a small form factor 2) low-cost 3) research tool 4) easy to read digital instructions.

Contec Pulse Oximeter Price

This is a great deal on a bluetooth finger pulse oximeter that is also a great value. The cms50d-bt has aosta brand new, premium-quality oximeter sensor and contech's own brand new, high-qualityoximeter arm. This is a great value for your money. the contec cms50d-bt is a great oximeter for people with a contoured mouth. It has a moderate reading field and a thin film of sweat on the surface of the oximeter. The readout is easy to understand and is adjustable to in-suite spo2. The oximeter also features a self-test function and a memory that lets you test your spo2 at home. the cms50d-bt is a digital oximeter that uses a fingertip pulse oximeter technology to measure the blood oxygen tension. The oximeter has a 50ms tick-tock timer to keep track of the sphygmomania rating and is equipped with a digital readout to see how much oxygen the fingertip has consumed. The oximeter can be used for medical and safety purposes. the contec pulse oximeter is a great tool for monitoring blood oxygen level in addition to the sphygmoman's blood pressure and heart rate. This oximeter has a tip that has been research able to be effective in monitoring blood oxygen level. The contec pulse oximeter has two blood pressure sensors, one close to the heart and one far away, to ensure accuracy in monitoring blood oxygen level. The oximeter also has a heart rate sensor, used when there is activity in the heart, to ensure safety. The contec pulse oximeter is a great tool for people with heart conditions and other health care professionals.