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Wrist Pulse Oximeter

Contec 50f wrist pulse oximeter is a monitor that will help you in order to monitor your heart's function and help you in order to sleep better. The monitor has two over night lights and a 60% night time accuracy so you can stayzzr on the right amount of time for the night.

Pulse Oximeter Continuous Recording

The pulse oximeter continuous recording system is perfect for monitoring heart function in patients. It can record data continuously in a firm viewer or full-screen view in a web browser. It has an accuracy of 0. 00 to 0. 50 mmh2o and a1- atmospheres precision.

Wrist Oximeter

Wellue wrist oximeter is a wrist oximeter that comes with an alarm to help you monitor your sleep and breathe sweat while you sleep. The oximeter can also monitor your respiration to provide you with information about your health and breathing statuses. the pulse oximeter wrist watch is a great way to track your health and fitness! It features a digital oximeter and heart rate monitor to keep you on track! It is perfect for use in health and fitness classes, or in general use. the contect cms50f is a highly advanced pulse oximeter with heart rate sensor and finger probe. It can monitor your heart rate in real time and send this data to your smartphone or computer. The wrist pulse oximeter with finger probe is a great way to get track of your steps and minutes worked. this monitor has a finger tip oximeter that measures the blood pressure and oxygen saturation of your wrists. The machine takes a reading each time you touch your wrist, so it is perfect for checking blood pressure and oxygen levels regularly. The monitor also has a time-motion movie feature that lets you watch the blood pressure and oxygen levels change as you move your hand about your body.